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Is camping allowed in the park?

Currently we do not allow camping and caravans or motorhomes are not allowed to stay overnight.

Can I swim in any of the lakes?

No, swimming and paddling is prohibited. The water can be very cold and there are areas of weed that can be dangerous.

Are dogs welcome and can they go in the water?

Dogs are welcome although we ask that you keep your dog under control. Dogs can go in the water however please do not let your dog in the water in areas where anglers are fishing.

Does the pay and display machine take card payments?

Yes, the machine accepts card payments and also has a contacless facility.

Can I take my vehicle into the park?

All visitors vehicles must remain in the car park. Quad bikes, motorcycles and 4x4s are also not allowed in the park. Please refrain from parking in the Sandy Lane area or in front of the old railway bridge on the western side of the park.

Are refreshments available at the park?

There is no permanent food & drink facility as yet however, we do have traders who are on site in better weather. If this is critical to your visit, please check with us beforehand so we can advise.

Can I use a BBQ in the park?

At the moment no, we have no areas that are set aside for safe use of BBQs. We also do not allow open fires. This rule is not meant to spoil your enjoyment but to safeguard visitors and the environment. Carelessly discarded disposable BBQs and open fires pose a very serious fire risk and can cause considerable damage to the environment.

Is fishing allowed?

Yes, fishing is allowed in both our lakes. Please visit the fishing page for more details.

Can I use a metal detector in the park?

Currently, the landowner has requested that visitors do not use metal detectors in the park.


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